Mimice update!

Read more: Mimice update!Vana Piccini and Luka Trumbic were in Mimice...

Millenium for Vana!

Read more: Millenium for Vana!Vana Piccini send Millenium (8a) at Marjan crag! Well done!

Sponzorska plata 8c!

Read more: Sponzorska plata 8c!New 8c in Dalmatia!

Christmas Miracle 2017!

Read more: Christmas Miracle 2017!Young gun from Split in the action!!!

New Multipitch!

Read more: New Multipitch!Paolo i Sara made few new routes...

Dalmatian rapsody!

Read more: Dalmatian rapsody!Dalmatian rapsody in Croatia is going on...

Vrulja report!

Read more: Vrulja report!Jernej Kruder and friends did great job...

10 years after!

Read more: 10 years after!Today on the slopes of Kozjak mountain, Sućurac bouldering area, Jernej Kruder, Slovenian ase, did first repetition of Croatian hardest boulder problem Ptičja gripa 8A+
First ascent was done by Urh Čehovin 10 years ago.
Push the limit!!!

Dalmatian paradise!

Read more: Dalmatian paradise!Jernej Kruder is visiting Dalmatia and he is determent to develope something new. Together with Luka Tambaca and Klemen Kejzar guys mean serious. Vrulja is the name of this area which is located inbetween Split and Makarska. Author of this amazing photo is Luka Tambaca, do you like it?

Drasnice updates!

Read more: Drasnice updates!Time to get in shape!

Follow updates!

Read more: Follow updates!We did update two new areas, Cikola canyon and Smrka, and you can follow bottom links

Cikola canyon

Smrka Brac

Smrka, new top destination!

Read more: Smrka, new top destination!Smrka on the island of Brac has been a projet for a while. Two weeks ago, French team have done equipping, all organized by locals. Guys did an amazing amount of work and now we have new breath taking spot, maybe one of the best in Croatia.
More info to come....

Cikola, new climbing crag!

Read more: Cikola, new climbing crag!Whole new area, near Sibenik, grew up in just one weekend. Organized team of local climbers from Marulianus plus friends did excellent job and result is 50 new routes on this beautiful wall. More info to come....

Kuka Muka!

Read more: Kuka Muka!Finally it's free...
Ivan Lisica and Boris Zokic this morning climbed free four pitch route bolted in 2000. KUKA MUKA. It is hardest multi pitch on Markezina Greda crag and grades looks like this:

6c, 7b, 7b, 6b

Well done guys!

Deep Water Solo 2015!

Read more: Deep Water Solo 2015!Finally we have updated new mini guide for deep water solo areas around Split. All of you who did already purchase the old version throughout this year, please let us know we will send you new one over email!
We remind you that buying one of the mini guides from this site you help local community to build up new climbing areas and we thank you for this!

Equipe Excellence!

Read more: Equipe Excellence!FFCAM Franch team of climbers visited Markezina Greda yesterday. Charlotte Durif, Francois Lombard, Olivier Fourbet, Titouan Dechamboux and coach Didier Angonin were trying some harder lines but as always, this crag does not allow easy onsights. Super hard and very complicated routes on this crag showed it's face again. Better luck next time guys!


Read more: Roctrip!Here it is, Roctrip, project, 250m, Drasnice Croatia, made by Klemen Bečan. Ready to give a go?

Big Walls, Big Balls!

Read more: Big Walls, Big Balls!Klemen Becan, Slovenian machine is back to Dalmatian limestone, straight up for Drasnice mega big wall which he fell in love on the first sight. He is working on his project 250m long, 5 pitches, possible grade 8b+ or so. He is still cleaning it and getting ready to send. Today he managed to send 2nd pitch and graded it 8a, as he claims the most beautiful one on the wall.
Congrat Klemen, push the limit!!!!

Perun uprising!

Read more: Perun uprising!Brand new climbing area near Split is Perun! More info is about to come! Great job done by Igor Supic!