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Ivan Lisica, Peca i Vuk, 8a+

is the small historical city located at mouth of the Cetina river, 20km south from Split. Omis is surrounded with cliffs and canyon, so rock climbing here is a big deal. Omis area counts about 300 routes in the numerous sectors all around the canyon, with difficulties from 4a to 8b+.
There are biggest number are sport routes (up to 30m) but you can also find multi-pitch routes up to 300m. Omis really offers whole variety of climbing and the climbing season last whole year long.

There is 14 climbing sectors and pretty much all are really easy to approach (just two or three are more demanding to reach),

The type of the rock is a great quality limestone. Rock orientation is diverse. Omis offers all rock orientations.

As soon as you get there, you will understand why it has been so popular location among the climbers. Landscapes around Omis are well known for outdoor activities like rafting and canyoning as the most adventurous trip. Join us! The surrounding is outstanding, views are spectacular, the cliffs are amazing and the potential is enormous. Yes, this is all true and you should come here ASAP!


We are working to publish climbing guide for this huge area soon!

Sectors in Omis are tagged on the map!